At Dainty Drinks, our goal is to provide you with beers and spirits that are organic, certified gluten free, with the internationally recognized crossed-grain symbol, or have nil-gluten detected written test evidence. Our aim is to source these worthy beverages from around the globe and bring them right to your doorstep.


We source our beers and spirits from around the world, only supplying the best of the bunch when it comes to taste, production quality, and ingredients. You’ll find that most of our beers and spirits are brewed or distilled in small-scale operations, or batch-brewed, gracing each product with a local and traceable element. The companies we select to work with put an emphasis on quality and genuinely care about every last drop of product they sell.

Why gluten free?

We know there’s a growing number of you here in NZ who are coeliac or gluten intolerant. Others choose to avoid gluten for personal health reasons or because life seems brighter and easier without it. Whatever your reason, with an increasing range of gluten free food options in supermarkets and restaurants we at Dainty Drinks want to see this choice extended into alcohol.

As you’ll know already, most widely available beers and spirits are wheat, rye or barley based. By ensuring all our beers and spirits have the crossed-grain symbol, or official ‘nil gluten detected’ test evidence (we’re talking waaaay lower than the global standard of <20ppm), you can have one of our drinks safe in the knowledge that there’ll be no gluten-induced brain fog afterwards.

Why organic?

Whilst we all know that alcohol is not great for us if you’re going to have a drink then we want to help you have the best quality drink possible for your body. So that’s why we only select distillers and brewers who put the same value on organic practices as we do.

What else?

No-one likes feeling ropey after a night out so with that in mind we’ll be bringing you some products designed to keep that morning-after feeling to a minimum (not to detract from the fact we are big fans of responsible drinking).

And finally…

The Dainty Drinks team have selflessly put their bodies on the line, for you, to taste-test every product we sell to ensure it’s a product really worth drinking (we know, tough job). We believe that if you’re going to consume alcohol, you may as well do it with your health in mind and responsibly, of course.